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Chamisa Mission Statement:

100% of Chamisa stakeholders will build on teamwork, family, and community to ensure student success in both academics and character. 

Chamisa Vision: 

  •  We exist to help students manage expectations to drive academic rigor.
  •  We exist to have students help each other maintain their school expectations.

Chamisa Core Values:

  • A teaming and collaborative environment 
  • A challenging education that builds upon individual students’ talents which strengthens and creates motivated learners
  • Fostering positive character
  • A safe and accepting atmosphere of community and belonging
  • A well-rounded education for students and staff

Chamisa Commitments:  

  • Every child will discover and develop their unique strengths and thrive at the next level. 
  • All students will attain skills, knowledge, and abilities to succeed in 21st-century society. 
  • Chamisa stakeholders will be safe and civil. 
  • Chamisa will effectively communicate with parents, students, employees and the Los Alamos community.

Our Focus Areas:  

Student Well-Being • Student Learning • Teacher and Staff Excellence • Fiscal Responsibility • Quality Facilities • Innovative Leadership • Communications and Collaboration • Integrated Technology